Students working at easels in a life drawing class


Whether you are interested in taking a course or two, or would like to pursue a career in the arts, Centre’s curriculum is right for you.

The arts play an integral role in the college experience for Centre students. Our faculty nurture students’ creative interests through personal attention and meaningful opportunities to participate in vocal and instrumental music, 剧院, 跳舞, 电影, 艺术历史, 工作室艺术, 创意写作, 和更多的. The knowledge gained through the study of the arts contributes to Centre graduates’ lives of leadership, 学习, 和服务.

Majors and Minors in the Arts 

The immersive experience at Centre blends the visual and performing arts with a broad-based liberal arts and sciences education. Students who choose to major or minor in the arts are taught creative thinking and problem-solving skills that will be a part of their artistic expression.

Two students at the Louvre Museum in Paris


Courses in 艺术历史 cover the a wide range of global and 历史 movements and traditions, examining artworks and their context from stylistic, 历史, and iconographical points of view.

A student writing in class


By studying 创意写作 at Centre you will be able to engage in writing in multiple genres, develop and strengthen your skills as a writer with the help of experienced writing mentors, and grow as a communicator of all kinds.

Several students work behind the video camera


Dive into immersive storytelling by studying the art of film and the craft of filmmaking—where aesthetics, 技术, 历史, and narrative all come together.

The horn section of the Centre orchestra


With flexible courses, individual lessons in any instrument, and diverse ensemble participation options, the 音乐 program offers multiple opportunities for all students.

student using clay wheel in 陶瓷 class


Explore visual communication and expression through drawing, 油画, 摄影, 陶瓷, 热玻璃, 和更多的!

students acting in play


Whether onstage or behind the scenes, studying and participating in 剧院 builds skills to prepare you for life in the arts and beyond!

The Norton Center for the Arts

Norton Center for the Arts at night


The Norton Center for the Arts hosts more than 100 world-renowned performers, speakers and musicians every year. This dynamic touring venue gives our students the chance to see, 学习, and even work alongside professionals from all over the world. 

Student performances take place in the Norton Center — in the 1,500 seat Newlin Hall; Weisiger 剧院, a 360-剧院 in the round; or recital halls or the black box 剧院. 

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